COVID-19: Thinking of others

Covid-19 was first known about in December 2019. Three months on, it has gone from being a remote concern to being a major pandemic affecting over 164 countries to date.

This virus is reportedly most contagious within the first 3 days of having symptoms. Minor symptoms ironically can be very infectious, however far less infectious after 14 days.

If it is spread asymptomatically, then early symptoms must be taken extremely seriously, when considering others who are vulnerable to serious infection. We recognise that carriers can easily pass through our establishment and so cleaning the studio routinely, this will remain standard practice, to disinfect everything even whilst we are closed.

As a private space, conducting 1:1 and 2:1 Personal Training, we are and have been administering increased levels of control over our sanitation and ensuring that all clients are following Public Health Guidelines, as part of our Code of Conduct. We are now past what was called the Containment stage, and although we aimed to delay further community spread, I am afraid this was not enough and even with the increased hygiene, which will require new measures for Prevention.

We note that the UK has now adopted a more aggressive approach to Quarantine, in contradiction to more extreme measures that was taken by other countries much earlier on: such as Social Distancing, Isolation and more Aggressive Testing.

Testing is a particular issue as we are not yet able to do this readily, and so we will go by acute symptoms: a dry cough, increased temperature or fatigue

With the event of this virus being so present, from a visiting client or practitioner, we have found it necessary to close to help slow down the rate of transmission, in compliance with advice from the World Health Association. We would then clean our premises, based on the guidance from Public Health England, and finally contact all clients to further advise.

Closing before the peak may help to prevent many more people from becoming sick with COVID-19, however we are committed to our clients’ wellbeing and aim to operate in support of their needs. 

As a community we can help mobilise our clients and be more prepared. We providing everyone who trains at our studio with an option for online training in order to remain proactive regarding vigilance in safety measures for our clients and the wider community.

Yours sincerely,

Karl and Louise


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