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Hi! My name is Stacy and I am BASI certified Pilates teacher. I have a background in professional sports such a modern pentathlon and fencing, fitness, dance and yoga as well as passion for healthy lifestyle and nutrition. I truly believe in high importance of good posture in any sport and daily activities. That is why I chose Pilates and I’m happy to share my knowledge with people who want to feel stronger, healthier and who need to build up a foundation in core strength. 

The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.

— Joseph Pilates

I will be delivering two types of classes here at Fitness Flow. First is a typical BASI Flow. This class is for complete beginners to intermediate level. With a high attention to detail and technique. It’s a fully functional class with a focus on building strength, stability, flexibility and joint mobilisation. If you wish to enrich your fitness routine with a clever, mat workout then this class is for you.

This second class of mine which I developed especially for gym lovers and I call it Cardio Pilates. It’s a blend of heart pumping strength moves mixed with traditional Pilates. We will take Pilates principles and mix it with interval training, by using Pilates exercises as active recovery. It’s a nice combination of accelerated pace with precision, control and efficiency. So come on, let’s have fun!


Hey I’m Rebecca and I am your Yoga teacher. Whether you want more physical, mental or spiritual balance, I can be your guide. I have practiced many forms of Yoga and teach different disciplines, including: Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Whatever your favourite style or personal goal, I will do my best to help you get your bliss on. Bliss is believed to be our natural state. Lets face, it some times modern life can be more bliss flop than bliss flow.

Words fail to convey the total value of Yoga. It has to be experienced.

— B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga reprograms your nervous system into a rest and digest state instead of the ubiquitous flight or fight. Once you regularly experience this shift you are able to stay there, if you so choose. In all of my Yoga classes, I encourage this inner bliss to unfold through using Yoga philosophy. 

In this restorative yoga class I practice a gentle method such as the forgotten art of listening to your body, working with your energy, not against it.

Props such as yoga bricks are used to support the body, enabling you to rest and be in the yoga posture for relatively longer periods of time whilst allowing you to relax, breathe and soften into the support. 

Stimulate and relax the body to move toward having balance.

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