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We would like to hear from you with any suggestions or ideas as to how we can make our services anymore BRILLIANT than what they are… 🙂


Surprise yourself. Test your level of commitment and your desire change and MAKE A START. This is why we start with a meet-and-greet at the studio, to talk with one of our experienced Trainers. Come and discuss setting realistic goals, talking us through any concerns. Then book all your sessions, in advance of starting your programme. This way you will know that you are fully committed to making change and getting the RESULTS YOU DESERVE.

Training is at the times we have allocated on our schedule.

We strongly suggest that you aim to take all of your sessions on the same days and times this way you are FULLY COMMITTED to the programme. Building a healthy routine helps you to reach your target and get closer to your goals 

There is free parking on Oakleigh Road North, outside the studio and in the surrounding roads, 7 days a week. There is limited parking in the courtyard at the front of the shop but ONLY after 5.30pm and first thing in the mornings. 

We have a warm, friendly and supportive environment for you to get through your training. No matter what your starting point is, you should progress quickly and start to feel more at ease. Anything new can be hard but you will overcome this is no time. As Personal Trainers we will strive to meet your individual needs, we are here to get you closer to reaching your goals.

We offer a full induction and a fitness assessment before you begin training with us, this should help assure you of any concerns and give you a head start on your programmes.
 If after the initial period we can see there are further concerns or issues we can spend more time with you on an individual basis and see that you are GET THE RESULTS YOU DESERVE. 

You may contact us within 24 hours of booking a SGPT package to cancel it and obtain a full refund. Thereafter, no refunds will be given for SGPT unless you have a good reason (for example long term illness, life changing medical event, pregnancy or serious injury) in which case we may provide a refund within our sole discretion



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